Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today I am relaxing on the couch while Aidan plays happily by himself. 

Today I am grateful for my mother-in-law who came to help with kids and household so that I could rest and relax. 

Today I sent Granny and Abigail and Jack to the last puppet show of the year, wishing very much that I could go with them, because the puppet shows are a delightful treasure and I love watching them every single summer.

Today Aidan once again declared his absolute hatred of all things puppet related and refused to go along, prefering to stay home and play quietly with his toys, happy to not be tortured at a puppet show.

Today I feel better than I have in a week and a half.  Right after I wrote the post declaring how well my pregnancy was going and how great I felt I had a few complications, several doctor visits, a few drugs that say "Do not take while pregnant", cancelling of work and activities, and I got to eat my words. 

Today Kydon comes home from his travel, and even though it isn't difficult to manage without him, it is so much nicer to have him around. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boy Reached Nirvana

Last week we took Aidan on his dream vacation- to Gettysburg, PA.  He has been dreaming and planning and hoping for this this trip for years now, and I think it was every bit as wonderful as he had hoped.  He was grinning ear to ear the whole time, and his little blue eyes were lit with wonder at every single thing we saw. 

Our very, very first stop, of course, had to be.... the gift shop!  What else?  Jack and Aidan got muskets and Abigail got a mini harmonica necklace.  Kydon and I thought it might be nice to see some of the sights, go to the museum, then look around the gift shop at the end, but apparently we were wrong.  The gift shop must be visited within 30 seconds of arrival or chaos will (and did) ensue. 
AFTER the gift shop, we saw a lovely film and cyclorama and then walked the grounds a bit.  We were happy to be around when some union soldiers came through and let the kids dress up and did a musket loading demonstration.

Jack and Aidan were very serious about posing appropriately in front of this big mural. 
We then went driving around a bit, and ended up on little round top, where the muskets came in very handy. 
Abigail was still enduring at this point.  She isn't the fan of war that Aidan and Jack are, but she was enjoying the rocks and climbing on the mountain a bit.  Aidan and Jack were loving pretending to shoot all the confederates who were attacking their position.  Jack loved that several of the reenactors gave him warnings about carrying around a confederate flag.  (Just for the record, everyone who cares to pick a side around here is solidly on the union side, but at home, it is impossible to play Union vs. Confederate when you only have a US flag and no confederate flag).
From Little Round Top we made our way down to Devil's Den.  Aidan knew all about the confederates capturing this spot from the union and using this vantage point to make their attack.  Aidan got very, very excited when he found this little sharpshooter spot:
Apparently a very famous civil war picture was taken here.  Aidan recognied it immediately from his many books and studies, and he was really, really happy to get a picture in the exact same spot that he knew from all his books.
Jack and Aidan both loved the gigantic rocks on Devil's Den.  Abby was not so happy by this point, getting very tired of all the boring war monuments and cannons.  Luckily things are always better when you have some chips!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Half way there!

I am officially just over half way on my pregnancy!  And maybe more than half, since my doctor is pretty convinced I will deliver early (he is "hoping" I make it to 35 weeks or so). 

I gotta say, I am loving this part of pregnancy!  The 2nd trimester is every bit as fun as everyone said it would be!  The first few months were pretty miserable for me.  I was nauseous and sick 24/7.  Eating was miserable, and not eating was miserable.  I think now it was hormones (that lovely catch-all for female emotions), but my emotions were all over the place- mainly hovering around depression and despair and extreme crankiness. 

In contrast, once the nausea and sickness went away, my moods also stabilized (as much as they can when a female is pregnant, anyway), and I am feeling great!  Food is once again a source of happiness, and I love having a big apetite and being able to indulge it without worry!  My biggest craving is ice cream, and I make sure to indulge it often! 

The funnest part so far was finding out the gender!  Kydon and I went together to the ultrasound together.  We were so happy when we found out- it was exactly what we had been hoping and hoping for!  Then we came home to tell the kids......

 I filled up 3 green balloons with confetti and glitter, then we let the kids each pop a balloon to see what color it would be:
 It's a GIRL!
 One child was super, duper happy and excited!
Two children were super, duper sad- one wouldn't even look at the camera!  At one point, Aidan, almost in tears, said "Now we are having a GIRL baby, AND I'm covered in PINK glitter!"  Oh, adding insult to injury!  He was sad for a while, but I think they are getting used to the idea!

I also felt the baby move for the first time this past week.  It was amazing, and definately made me excited to have a little baby around!  So far everyone is growing and stable- the baby and the two gigantic fibroids that were supposed to be removed this summer before we got our surprise.  They can cause major problems, bursting or twisting or other unpleasant things, but so far they are just hanging out and growing and thriving with all the extra estrogen around.  I am only 21 weeks or so, but because of the fibroids I measure 35 weeks, so I am looking very very pregnant.  Another little perk of being so big (I kind of like being so big, can you tell?) is all the extra attention I get!  I never carry things or open my own doors anymore, and I always get the comfy chair to sit in!  I love the instant bond with other women and the stories and sympathy they share with me. 

Usually when people ask about me, the first question (if the kids aren't with me), is to ask if it is my first.  I love to respond by saying "Well, it is my first pregnancy, but my 4th child- we adopted 3 children, and after 15 years of infertility, we got this surprise!"  You would not believe how happy people get to hear about it- many times perfect strangers have burst into tears and hugged me because of their happiness!  I love having this instantanous connection to other women, and no shortage of things to talk about.  I am naturally rather shy and quiet, so it is nice to be able to have something so fun to talk about!

The kids continue to be excited and adorable about the whole thing- patting and rubbing my belly, kissing the baby goodnight, and saying very funny things about what life will be like once she is here.  I love that part of it most of all- to see their wonder and excitement about this process.  I'm starting to understand a little bit those who say they enjoy pregnancy- this part is definately enjoyable!