Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boy Reached Nirvana

Last week we took Aidan on his dream vacation- to Gettysburg, PA.  He has been dreaming and planning and hoping for this this trip for years now, and I think it was every bit as wonderful as he had hoped.  He was grinning ear to ear the whole time, and his little blue eyes were lit with wonder at every single thing we saw. 

Our very, very first stop, of course, had to be.... the gift shop!  What else?  Jack and Aidan got muskets and Abigail got a mini harmonica necklace.  Kydon and I thought it might be nice to see some of the sights, go to the museum, then look around the gift shop at the end, but apparently we were wrong.  The gift shop must be visited within 30 seconds of arrival or chaos will (and did) ensue. 
AFTER the gift shop, we saw a lovely film and cyclorama and then walked the grounds a bit.  We were happy to be around when some union soldiers came through and let the kids dress up and did a musket loading demonstration.

Jack and Aidan were very serious about posing appropriately in front of this big mural. 
We then went driving around a bit, and ended up on little round top, where the muskets came in very handy. 
Abigail was still enduring at this point.  She isn't the fan of war that Aidan and Jack are, but she was enjoying the rocks and climbing on the mountain a bit.  Aidan and Jack were loving pretending to shoot all the confederates who were attacking their position.  Jack loved that several of the reenactors gave him warnings about carrying around a confederate flag.  (Just for the record, everyone who cares to pick a side around here is solidly on the union side, but at home, it is impossible to play Union vs. Confederate when you only have a US flag and no confederate flag).
From Little Round Top we made our way down to Devil's Den.  Aidan knew all about the confederates capturing this spot from the union and using this vantage point to make their attack.  Aidan got very, very excited when he found this little sharpshooter spot:
Apparently a very famous civil war picture was taken here.  Aidan recognied it immediately from his many books and studies, and he was really, really happy to get a picture in the exact same spot that he knew from all his books.
Jack and Aidan both loved the gigantic rocks on Devil's Den.  Abby was not so happy by this point, getting very tired of all the boring war monuments and cannons.  Luckily things are always better when you have some chips!


Caroline said...

Well the stopped bugging you long enough to get this published

colleensewnsew said...

I always think things are better with chips, also. Good thing Clara will help balance all the boy things.

Cecilee said...

Looks so fun... and educational. Isn't it great to have kids that are interested in something specific that you can explore? I can't believe your boys are still on the Civil War kick. Poor Abby.

Your boys might like to read (or have read to them) "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'reilly. It's not a kid book, but sounds like they don't care about that.

Mom says you are still planning to come to the wedding. I am sooo glad. Will be so fun to see you all!