Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today I am relaxing on the couch while Aidan plays happily by himself. 

Today I am grateful for my mother-in-law who came to help with kids and household so that I could rest and relax. 

Today I sent Granny and Abigail and Jack to the last puppet show of the year, wishing very much that I could go with them, because the puppet shows are a delightful treasure and I love watching them every single summer.

Today Aidan once again declared his absolute hatred of all things puppet related and refused to go along, prefering to stay home and play quietly with his toys, happy to not be tortured at a puppet show.

Today I feel better than I have in a week and a half.  Right after I wrote the post declaring how well my pregnancy was going and how great I felt I had a few complications, several doctor visits, a few drugs that say "Do not take while pregnant", cancelling of work and activities, and I got to eat my words. 

Today Kydon comes home from his travel, and even though it isn't difficult to manage without him, it is so much nicer to have him around. 

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