Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Festival Time!

This past weekend we started our fall festivities at the Atlanta History Center- we joined a few months ago and have really enjoyed the museum and all of the homeschool days and special events they have!

Abby self styled her hair- two little braids, I thought it turned out so cute!  She also self-styled that one teeny bang with the help of some scissors.  I was a little mad until I saw how cute she was- the little wisp of bang really does look cute, so how can you be mad at that?

 They had a ton of crafts.  Amazingly, Abby was the only one interested.  She made some cute little animal finger puppets.  Jack and Aidan preferred to run and run up and down the amphitheater-type steps.
 They had a petting zoo, which everyone complained about before we got there, and then no one wanted to leave.  They loved it!
 Jack attached himself to this little chicken.  He would not let go.  I think he held it for almost an hour- I would go take pictures of the other kids, and when I came to check on him he would still be holding this little guy.
 I'm sure it's no coincidence that just that morning he had been begging once again for a pet.  He held onto this guy all morning, and several times when we were out doing other things he would run back for one more hold!  Sorry, J- no chickens at the house.
 Abby and Aidan both loved this sweet rabbit- "Mom, it is so SOFT!  You won't believe it!  Come feel how SOFT it is!"
 And... Jack with the chicken.  His new best friend.
Abby held one too, but didn't get quite so attached.  They had all kinds of activities and demonstrations, like corn husk dolls and sachets and candle dipping, blacksmiths, etc.  It was so much fun for the kids, and Kydon and I enjoyed it as well. 

The weather is starting to cool off, and it was really fun to enjoy the activity before rushing off to the rest of our day, which included 2 birthday parties, a soccer game, and a family dinner.  I can only imagine how busy we will be as they get even older!

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