Thursday, October 25, 2012

Costume Preview

We went to a city Halloween festival this year- it gave us a good chance to try out our costumes!  Because the only thing better than getting 3 cute kids ready and dressed in costumes once is doing it twice! 
 Jack is an Auburn football player.  he was super excited to get this helmet with a chin strap, and he wears it non-stop- even to bed one night!
 Aidan is still loving his Union army soldier outfit, so he wore that again.  This year he added a real Union canteen, thanks to a Grandma who knows to get the authentic stuff!
Abby styled herself as a rock star- I think she did a pretty good job!  Really I think the whole outfit was just an excuse to be able to wear those high heels outside of the house!  What a cute girl!


Meg said...

i still can't believe how grown up they look from abby being 3 and the boys being 1

colleensewnsew said...

I am amazed how those good costumes! Go Witbeck kids.

erika said...

That is just the cutest! Way to go on the costumes!