Monday, October 29, 2012

Last the best of all the game!

When I was little, we would often chant the phrase "first the worst, second the same, last the best of all the game!"
Lately I find myself chanting that phrase several times a week!  My first trimester was pretty miserable, my second was even worse, but now that I am in the final weeks, I am finally feeling good!  Well, pregnant good anyway! 
After months of my doctors being very concerned and telling me over and over to prepare for an early birth, I have stabilized quite a bit.  The fibroids have stopped growing, my pain is minimal, and I actually have energy and I can walk and move (things I really couldn't do a few months ago).  I am officially 37 weeks, so only 3 more to go!  And if she starts to come, they will just let her, so we are in the safe zone as far as the birth goes!
 Sure, I am as big as a house, but I'm just happy to not have all the pain I was having!  The other day I couldn't find my keys and had to walk the boys the 4 blocks to the school for their speech therapy.  We walked there, walked home, I found my keys, and we went to a museum homeschool day where we walked around a lot more.  A few weeks ago I would not have been able to do any of that, so despite my size, and the fact that I am too big for most of my *maternity* clothes (sob), I am feeling really good!
 My sweet sisters and mom threw me a baby shower- yay for cute baby girl things!  Of course I didn't get great pictures, but I was too busy enjoying myself!
 My sister Lisa made this cute diaper cake- does this mean the baby won't come out potty trained???  Oh no!!

 My mom made this quilt- I love it!  Melinda also made me a super soft blanket- I need to post a picture, because it is awesome.

The funniest story of the day is that our neighborhood was having a garage sale the day of the shower.  Abby went out early to check out a few of the sales, and she came home with something wrapped in a blanket.  Her eyes were all lit up and she was so excited- she told me she found the perfect thing that I had wanted for a long, long time and she wanted to give it to me at the baby shower.

She was so cute- she could barely contain her joy and excitement!  She kept saying "I just want to tell you what it is- you are going to love it so much"!  Of course, I couldn't make her wait any longer than I had to, so we opened that one first....
And now we have Big Mouth Billy Bass to decorate the nursery and sing little Clara to sleep!  The entire room was cracking up when I opened this- yep, just what I always wanted, all right!  I love my little girl!


colleensewnsew said...

The shower was so fun, and Abigail is right on about what to give Clara -- she will be a great big sister. Love your family so much.

ali said...

I can't believe you're about to have a baby! I'm so excited for you, and glad its you and not me! :)

Katie said...

What a thoughtful gift! :)
You look darling!

erika said...

I'm so so excited for you!! What a lucky little girl to come to your family. And I love the name Clara. It is my grandmother's name!