Friday, February 22, 2013

Imagine It!

For science this year we started out studying human biology.  We loved it- it was so much fun exploring our bodies and learning about them!  When I got invited to check out "Body Carnival, the Science and Fun of Being You" at the Children's Museum of Atlanta, I knew it would be a fun way to wrap up our unit before we moved on to chemistry!
It was really fun, the kids loved trying to "beat" the exhibit- to walk the line even while wearing the crazy goggles (it took a few tries), to not get dizzy in the tunnel, and to walk the balance beam while keeping your arms straight down!
 Aidan thought it was cool that inside the artery he could hear the "real" heartbeat!  He wanted me to crawl in there with him, but seeing as how I had the baby strapped to me, I opted to watch and take pictures!
 "They call it a dizzy tunnel, but I didn't even get dizzy".  I, of course, wanted them to read all the info and explanations and figure out why and what and how.  They weren't so interested in that, mostly wanting to just run through it and grab and pull and punch.  Despite their best efforts, they did learn something, because later they were all able to tell me some things about the body they didn't know before!
 When we had exhausted that exhibit, we then spent several more hours exploring the rest of the museum.  It felt nostalgic for me.  When the kids were little (2 and 3, I think), my sister and I bought memberships here, and there were many days we packed a lunch and schlepped all the kids down here so that we could relax and talk and let them play.  We haven't been in years, and I was surprised how much they liked it.
 Abigail said "Mom, you never should have brought me here!"  When I asked why, she said that now she was going to be bugging me every day to come back! 

 Jack couldn't get enough of this crane to transport all the balls.  He played on this thing for about 2 hours! 

 First, he was dumping all the balls on his brother, but when he saw me taking pictures....
 He came after me!  Only one or two hit little Clara in the sling!  :) 

We had a lot of fun, staying for almost the whole day.  A very enjoyable school day!

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