Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Long time, no post!  I know I have been pretty absent here, but I wanted to let you all know about a GREAT idea for spring break!  Take your family, meet your friends, bring your kids, and take a trip over to Medieval Times!

All 6 of us went, from adults to little 4 year old Clara, and we had the BEST time!  On the drive over, Clara (being extraordinarily clean) was worried about eating with her hands, but once she tried it she decided it was the funnest thing ever!

 And who doesn't love a show involving princesses, a castle, brave knights, live horses and feats of strength?  Love that it entertained boys and girls, kids and adults!
 Our Blue Knight tried very hard, but was not the evenings winner.  Nevertheless, it didn't seem to dampen our enjoyment!
And, finally, the best part- a coupon code!!  If you want to go, you can get discounted tickets!  Adults $37.95, Kids & Students $29.95 with code SB17BLOG.

Enjoy your break, have fun, and if you go to Medieval Times, be sure and let me know!